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Why Us

[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]RESULTS – Scaling sales, accelerating revenue, exploding profits – our clients have generated tens to hundreds of millions in top line growth, bottom line results – not just bigger business growth – better revenue and profit growth using less time, money and resources – 9 out of 10 clients sign their largest contracts ever during our high intensity programs

UNIQUE and PROVEN APPROACH – Our philosophy AND principles (“systems approach to growth”) is radically different from 99.99% of what’s being offered, sold, and presented to grow a business – we’ve invested over twenty years to developed, test, validate, calibrate and implement models and methods that will work, in every kind of business, every where in the world

MORE FROM LESS – our value proposition has been proven in every type and size of company – more sales, revenue and profits using fewer resources – from low tech to high tech, start-up to multi-national, profit to non-profit, federal government to state and local

Extreme Testing and implementation – we have worked with clients inside (on-site with) their companies every week for years at a time (some over five years) giving us unique insights, valuable experience and deep knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, how to design, test and implement faster for greater business transformation results – we have helped clients strategize and eliminate nineteen of the most difficult transformation barriers

CLIENT SUCCESS – Over 100% client success rate – meaning EVERY client has experienced scaling sales, rapid revenue growth, and or immediate profit increases. In most cases we can identify profit eaters in the first meeting and show how to eliminate those failure points.

EXPERIENCE – we have delivered content and implemented transformation work in 36 countries on four continents, to thousands of CEOs, business owners and leaders represented tens of thousands of marketing and sales performers

EXPERTISE – we have over 1000 case studies from delivering over 10,000 hours of content to CEOs, leaders and individual performers

Extreme Scope and Scale – we have vast experience from transforming full enterprises down to individual performers, from strategy to structure, from process to people, from technology to metrics, from job aids and tools to complete methodology

RETURN ON INVESTMENT – most training, consulting and development dollars are a total waste – our clients on average generate a 40 to 1 ratio on their investments in our programs – and that is in the first and second year – 90% of our clients are still using our intellectual property even after a decade

SUSTAINABILE OPTIMIZATION – Every principle, concept and strategy is based on achieving performance optimization – not incremental results – a different philosophy – a higher level of results

SCALABILITY – we are experts with over 40 years of scaling sales and revenue growth experience – not settling for more from more but more from less – not working harder or burning more resources – generating more leads, clients, contracts, performance from being more efficient AND more effective

FUTURE IMPACT – we run into clients who were in our programs over ten years ago and they excitedly claim how they are still using our content, materials, and IP to keep growing after ten years

INTELLIGENT DESIGN – all of our content and programs are based on seventeen business disciplines integrated, aligned and leveraged to scale your business sales, revenue and profits[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]