August 10, 2018
September 1, 2018

A popular business term used in boardrooms around the world is “scaling”.  Can or does your business scale?   It’s an important concept to understand if you want to create and build the greatest company possible.

Here is the problem with people using the term scaling.  What they are really saying and what they mean is this.  Can your business add more of something to be more successful?  Can you add more clients, support more clients, generate more leads, manage more sales pursuits, do more of anything or everything?

Did you catch the common operative word in the list above – “more”.  What that really means is can you “add more”.  There is nothing wrong with adding more except it falls into the category of incremental.  And incremental and optimization are two different objectives, goals and concepts.

You have to decide, do you want “incremental growth” or do you want “optimized” growth?

Incremental is more from more.  Optimization is “more from less”.  Our focus for our clients is “more from less”.  Here’s why.  More pursuits, more contracts, more clients, more employees, or more of anything can usually mean more stress, more headaches, more problems.  You might be saying, “Well that’s the cost of doing business”.

In every client we have ever worked with we have shown them how they can have more – more revenue, bigger sales, greater profits, and faster more controlled growth by understanding the principle of “more from less.”   Your goal shouldn’t be bigger to be bigger, but more to be better.  In many cases that can mean fewer sales pursuits but bigger contracts, less marketing but better leads, fewer proposals but winning more often.  In addition, it can mean fewer client’s who pay more, and fewer clients who need less support.

The most beautiful value of “more from less” is when executed properly it means more revenue, less costs, more profits, with fewer people not working any harder.  Now that is a great business.  Want to know how to do this in your company?

Kent Billingsley
Kent Billingsley
Kent Billingsley is the Founder and President of The Revenue Growth Company® (TRGC), LLC. He started The Revenue Growth Company over 15 years ago to solve the most difficult challenge CEOs and business owners face. Billingsley has over 40 years of experience, delivering over 10,000 hours of CEO workshops and speeches in 36 countries. He has successfully built, tested and validated, the most powerful, scalable, and repeatable way, every business can follow to generate more revenue and profit – while using the fewest resources.

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