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September 1, 2018
Double New Sales – From Your Existing Sales people
October 5, 2018

More Sales, Revenue and Profits – Less Time, Money and Resources Doing It

What’s the biggest challenge for CEOs and leaders? Achieving Faster Sales, Greater Growth and Bigger Profits – Without Adding More Headcount, Increasing Costs, Or Burning Themselves and Their Employees Out

This blog and every article, white paper, speech, program and website we offer is designed to show you, as we have shown thousands of leaders around the world, how to generate more growth with lower (less) costs.

My name is Kent Billingsley and I am the founder and president of The Revenue Growth(R) Company (TRGC). My company was started because so many business leaders are looking for a proven, smarter, faster and more cost-effective approach to business growth. Business leaders are tired of spending more – eating profits – to make more. They know more from more doesn’t necessarily make more money. They want more from less. Most people in business are working way too hard for the small amount of money their business generates.

From my experience helping CEOs and business leaders achieve faster and more profitable growth in over 36 countries, here is a startling yet proven statistic.

95% of all businesses can double or triple their sales, revenue and or profits using existing resources.

That means stop listening to all those voices telling you how to spend money to make money. Thousands of CEOs and business owners all over the world have learned from our speeches and programs how to achieve explosive growth using their existing resources.

This blog is designed for anyone in business who is responsible for profitable growth and faster business success:

  • CEOs who want explosive growth AND high profitability – without increasing costs
  • Business owners who want and need faster more profitable growth but only have few marketing and sales resources
  • Leaders who want a more successful company with less stress and fewer headaches
  • Sales leaders a who want to scale sales – 3-10X without taking on more stress
  • Salespeople who want to triple their sales and commissions without working harder
  • Marketing people who need to know how to triple new client demand using the current budget
  • Employees who want their company to be more successful and fun, without being stressed out doing it.

How can companies make more while spending less? There are hundreds of ways, here is just one example. Working with thousands of start-ups to multinationals, here is a mind-numbing statistic we have culled from the revenue production side of businesses.

67% of all marketing and sales activities are a COMPLETE waste of time, money and resources

That doesn’t mean the marketing and sales people aren’t working hard, putting in long hours and taking on huge levels of stress. Just the opposite. Most marketing and sales people are busting their assets and grinding out the hours, but only seeing incremental results.

Businesses spend a fortune of time and money – most of it wasted – to acquire new clients. That waste or loss is just an accepted part of doing business. But it shouldn’t be.

Businesses, in most cases, can eliminate 2/3rds of the marketing and sales activities they are doing and actually improve overall results. All that while watching waste, costs and expenses go down. That’s just one of many examples of more from less. Think about your business. Where do you want to focus on achieving more from less? What would make your business more successful? More leads, more new clients, more growth, or more profits? Maybe all of the above? Where do you want to reduce or spend less of to have more business success? Working less hours. Not having to hire more employees. Not having to wait so long for new business? Not having to reduce your prices to win business?

In your next leadership, marketing or sales meeting, start talking about more from less. Focus on what you want to double or triple while using the resources you have.

  • More sales faster
  • More revenue with higher quality
  • More profits using fewer resources

Build a plan, form a strategy, and execute with focus, discipline and a sense of urgency.

Here are future blogs, articles and content to help your company achieve “more from less”.

  • More sales from the same number of sales people – increasing win rates
  • More sales from the same number of accounts – better account penetration
  • More sales from fewer leads – higher conversion rates
  • More sales from less marketing – fewer leads


  • More revenue from each client – bigger contracts
  • More revenue from each contract – auto-renewal, discount extension
  • More revenue from each lead – better targeting for better leads
  • More revenue from each sales pursuit – bigger pursuits


  • More profit from each sales pursuit – a bigger pursuit
  • More profit from each sales win – package service
  • More profit from clients – longer-term contracts – eliminate sales costs
  • More profit from each lead – retargeting for less competition which lowers pursuit costs and reduces price pressures


One last thought: More from less does not mean this – working employees harder, adding more to their plate, or stressing them out to produce. That approach doesn’t scale, isn’t repeatable and burns people out. Please don’t follow that approach. Use our approach instead.

Kent Billingsley
Kent Billingsley
Kent Billingsley is the Founder and President of The Revenue Growth Company® (TRGC), LLC. He started The Revenue Growth Company over 15 years ago to solve the most difficult challenge CEOs and business owners face. Billingsley has over 40 years of experience, delivering over 10,000 hours of CEO workshops and speeches in 36 countries. He has successfully built, tested and validated, the most powerful, scalable, and repeatable way, every business can follow to generate more revenue and profit – while using the fewest resources.

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