Lori Preston is an organizational and change management consultant specializing on the revenue side of the business. For 25 years, she has worked with organizations, leaders, and individuals diagnosing and accelerating revenue performance.

Lori has worked with companies such as EDS, Onyx Software, clients of The Revenue Growth Company, Revenue Storm, TCS, NEC, Dell and Bravanta. She has supported companies across North America, Mexico, Europe, India, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Her clients are growth executives, sales leaders, their organizations, and primary support units that must accelerate

growth and implement strategies that win in the market.  Her clients are challenged to  face external market changes, internal changes and extreme growth targets. They must not only survive in the short term, but improve performance while engineering a sustainable future.

As the PERFECT Selling® Practice leader, Lori works with clients to orchestrate the TRGC resources and system  to enable  client’s to reach their revenue goals.  This is done through the implementation and execution of a PERFECT Selling® organizational system.  The focus of the practice is to address the short term sales challenges as well as the strategic sales challenge of implementing the PERFECT Selling system in the client’s organization.  This implementation results in creating a sales organization that has the competency to compete and win in every opportunity they pursue, both now and in the future.

Lori helps companies implement the right components – strategies, structure, process, culture, systems, technology and people – to support the right team, in the right markets, saying the right things, and winning the right deals.

While many organizations can address the need to get an organization ABLE, more sophistication is necessary to get an organization WILLING; the PERFECT Selling® practice addresses both needs. Understanding the cultural and capability boundaries and potential of her clients enables Lori to collaborate more effectively on the strategies and tactics that will improve revenue performance.

With 25 years of rich experience alternating consulting and leadership responsibilities as an independent consultant and from inside EDS, Lori applies her educational background, undergraduate degrees in Economics and Finance from Texas Tech University and a Master’s in Organization Development from Pepperdine University, to leverage the balance of business and people expertise. One client recognized her as its Most Valuable Player for her work as an independent consultant.  At EDS, she was selected to be a developing executives and one of its Key People.

Lori’s research interests are the partnering of revenue strategies and organizational development as well as organizations facing major growth challenges or entering the growth cycle.

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