More From Less for 2019 – What You And Your Teams Should Do The First Week of January

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December 14, 2018
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February 17, 2019

It’s 2019.  

How did your company do last year?

How did your teams do last year?

How did you do last year?

Many leaders are so busy with the end of the year, holidays, vacations, and the first week of the new year that their teams and employees miss the insights and learnings from the last 12 months.  That insight could help dramatically scale your sales, revenue and profits – without working any harder or spending more money.    

If you don’t have an expert guiding you through a 2018 post-performance evaluation process, then here is how you and your teams can do this on your own. 


  1. What major strategies, actions, and decisions worked last year that can be leveraged, accelerated, or amplified? Was there a marketing, sales, or operations strategy that worked well last year?  For example, list all the marketing strategies that were executed.  Which strategy worked the best – digital, traditional, or physical?  Which strategy generated the newest leads or best prospects?   Rank them.
  2. What areas of the business that need fixing first?  Where are the failure points, disconnects, or broken areas that must be fixed?  Did operations significantly achieve more repeat business or referrals? Is marketing delivering all the leads and new client prospects that are needed to grow revenues?  Did sales double or triple their close rates from the year before?  If not, why?  What must be fixed to solve that poor performance?

Every company is filled with weak parts, disconnects, and areas that hinder performance.  That is quite normal for a fast-growth or even a slow-growth company.  Business is changing so fast that no company can keep everything in line.  As a matter of fact, in 25 years of going inside over 1000 organizations, I have never seen one even close to perfect.  

What’s worse than having challenges in your business?

Not fixing them.

Every business has so many things they can improve without spending any more money or hiring more resources to dramatically scale performance.  However, what most leaders don’t have is a well-developed and clearly articulated plan on what to fix, in what order, and how best to fix it.  Too many leaders are trying to fix symptoms, and they don’t realize they aren’t addressing the root cause.

3. What areas or parts of the business are missing or have major holes?  Does your company have a strategic model to scale revenue?  Does your business have real strategic sales leadership?  Can your salespeople craft and leverage value propositions?  Does your delivery function have a strategic core process that is well defined and being executed? 

Holes in business are different from disconnects.  Holes or gaps are where major parts are missing.  Here is an example of what’s missing in about 99% of all companies – a well-designed and effectively executed strategic partner model, plan, and program.  Even software and manufacturing companies who solely sell through channels almost always have major missing parts in their models.  

I asked the leader of a manufacturing business what their value proposition was to their partners, and he couldn’t explain it.  I asked a subcontracting company to GCs (general contractors) what was their value proposition, and they weren’t confident in their answer. 

4. What must you stop doing right now that is costing your company money but not providing a corresponding return?   Too many companies and their employees are just doing things that I call “zombie execution.”   They just do it because it has always been done or has always been done that way.

Just like all companies have disconnects and holes, they also have activities, actions, and efforts that should be stopped immediately.  This is true in every functional area from support to delivery, from sales to marketing.   If each major client-facing function can’t identify at least one big thing to NOT DO in 2019, then they probably aren’t looking hard enough.  

  • In delivery, is there a contract term, clause, or condition you could or should eliminate? Usually. 
  • In support, are there types of calls or support you should stop doing?  Most likely. 
  • In sales, is there a type of prospect you should stop dealing with or calling on?  Always.
  • In marketing, is there a type of segment or sub-segment you should ignore?  Yes.


“Most companies don’t need to do more to improve performance. They actually need to do less – of the wrong things.”   

The only way your business will achieve optimization – more from less – without working harder or burning more resource is to make sure you have asked and answered every one of these questions, and then you must act.  What works, accelerate.  What’s broken, fix.  What’s missing, build.  And what’s hurting the business, stop.  


What to do right now…  

  • Send this post out to your leaders, managers, and employees  
  • Have them write out their answers to each of these four questions
  • Gather the information from everyone – don’t make this an optional exercise
  • Consolidate the findings by function, by ranking, and most importantly, by the impact
  • Decide which ones to act on and execute (pick the top five)
  • Communicate back to the teams and employees what will be done

Watch morale, excitement and engagement go through the roof.  

Employees will engage better when they know the leaders are looking, listening, and then acting to make everything better for everyone

This process I just gave you has made and saved small- and medium-size companies millions to tens of millions of dollars.  If you want to know how to do this in your company, then contact us immediately to make 2019 your greatest year ever.  

 Author Background:  Kent Billingsley – the Revenue Growth Architect® – is an international keynote speaker, business transformation expert, and recognized authority on scaling sales and revenue acceleration. He has delivered over 10,000 hours of Revenue Growth® content and sessions to thousands of CEOs and business owners in over 36 countries.   

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The Revenue Growth® Company (TRGC), LLC is a firm based in the Dallas, Texas area and helps companies transform their enterprise into a strategic system for profit and revenue growth. Their proven value proposition is helping companies generate scalable amounts of sales, profit, and revenues without adding headcount, increasing costs, or working more hours. CEOs and companies in their programs have generated over $1 billion in new sales, revenue, and profits.  

TRGC works with start-ups, medium size, and large corporations by delivering Revenue Growth®, RAMP®, P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Selling®, 3X Sales Transformation®, and Monetizing Value® content, workshops, keynote speeches, and high-intensity year-long programs.  

Kent Billingsley
Kent Billingsley
Kent Billingsley is the Founder and President of The Revenue Growth Company® (TRGC), LLC. He started The Revenue Growth Company over 15 years ago to solve the most difficult challenge CEOs and business owners face. Billingsley has over 40 years of experience, delivering over 10,000 hours of CEO workshops and speeches in 36 countries. He has successfully built, tested and validated, the most powerful, scalable, and repeatable way, every business can follow to generate more revenue and profit – while using the fewest resources.

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