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3X Sales Transformation®

Imagine your salespeople selling contracts that are three times larger, three times better, three times more profitable, three times faster, and for three times lower sales pursuit costs.  Yes, it is possible.

Our newest trademarked program was developed over 25 years by working with companies around the world representing over 10,000 salespeople.

All salespeople have two levels of potential – latent and stretch – available to them.  However, no salesperson or even their sales manager can unlock and tap those two extra levels of potential by themselves.   It takes a three prong holistic, systemic and integrated approach – that’s 3X Sales Transformation®. 

There are 15 major forces working to devalue, destroy and commoditize your sales efforts.   Unless your whole company is prepared to deal with each and every one of these destructive sales barriers, your company will continue to burn time and money and will never win all the new business you could and should.

Sales has changed – but most salespeople and their companies haven’t!