Want Sales Force Transformation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CEOs typical contact us because they are unhappy, frustrated or disappointed in the overall sales performance of their company.   Here are the typical questions and requests from CEOs:

Do I have the right salespeople?
What can I do to achieve higher performance from my sales team?
We have a great team but we just aren’t great at converting what’s in our pipeline.  Can you help?
We have failed so many times hiring salespeople can you help us understand where and how we are making mistakes?

What you must know:  99% of all sales performance interventions fail for two reasons:

  1. The intervention is focused on “fixing the salesperson”.   When less than 1% of the time the salesperson is the root cause  of poor sales performance,
  2. Most sales interventions – fixes – are band-aids on a symptom and those solutions are not focused on the root cause

If you really want to transform your sales force – optimize overall sales performance using the lowest headcount, fewest resources (less management, marketing and sales support, and minimal costs then you must know the right scope and scale to solve the root cause.

There are five levels of sales transformation to achieve optimization – and our experience from transforming all of these hundreds of times – start at the enterprise level.

  1. Enterprise Sales Transformation – is leadership, marketing, operations and delivery all aligned to optimize the sales organization and sales performance
  2. Marketing To Sales Transformation – is the relationship – exchange of valuable information – between marketing and sales balanced and value-add – does it go both ways
  3. Sales Organization Transformation – is the sales organized designed with all the right elements from culture to process, strategy to structure (models as a part of this one), tools to technology, metrics to management as a holistic system
  4. Sales Process – does the sales organization have the right level of sophistication in its processes and methodologies to compete and win every time – are those processes well designed using thought leadership and implemented with extreme discipline
  5. Sales Leadership Transformation – do the people in the role of sales management think and act like managers or leaders – less than 1% of sales managers have a leadership mindset
  6. Sales Person Transformation – are the salespeople hired, acclimated and executing in an optimized mindset or do they think, speak and act like salespeople

Before you hire another salesperson, spend more money or sales or have your salespeople make another call, contact us to discover our insights, discoveries and research inside over 1000 sales organizations around the world.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Schedule a call