How Your Business Can Make A Lot More Money Now And Forever

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February 17, 2019

Do you know the fastest way for your business to make a lot more money? 

If you said, “Sell more,” you’re right! 

However, this is easily said but quite difficult to do – unless…

Did you read my CEO Knowledge Letter from last week? It has the answer. As a matter of fact, it has the only answer that has been proven thousands of times in thousands of businesses around the world – to sell more using existing resources. In the content below, I will share with you what you must do and give you ten examples of doing it. At the end of this article, I will share with you the biggest mistake leaders are making with this information. 

Here is the link because you absolutely must make sure you know, understand, and are applying these revenue-growth and sales-scaling principles. 

For any business – your business – to be more successful this year than last, and next year more so than any other year, then you, your leaders, and employees must do one thing – bring change – Big Change! You must transform one or several areas of your business, functions, teams, or people. 

Why is business transformation so critical to your business? Because everything around and in your business is transforming: your market, your buyers, your competitors, your employees, technology, communications methods, quantity and quality of information, and so on. The speed of change – things are different – to major transformation – disruptive models – is more intense and more frequent than ever before. In a few short years, Amazon destroyed Sears, a hundred-year-old company. Netflix destroyed Blockbuster, the dominant video retail renter. 

However, most companies are barely changing their models, methods, or approaches – and yet they’re expecting greater results.

If you run a business, you don’t have a choice to change. You have probably heard the adage – adapt or die. Here is how I modernize that forty-year-old saying.

If a business is not actively transforming – the business is dying.

I know that sounds a little harsh, or kind of “alarmist,” but I’m the one who gets the phone calls during the week from CEOs who need help turning their companies around. The problem is they should have been making a transformation years ago as real transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Big transformations, like transforming a business model, can take one to three years even with expert guidance. 

To help you understand how to transform your business, I want to share with you a few of the thousands of transformation projects we have done around the world. Which of these could and should you be doing? 

Business Transformation Examples:

  1. Business model to revenue growth model – 99% of all business models focus almost all resources on design, development, delivery, and support of the company’s products and services. Those features are important, but such a model will never produce huge and scalable sales and profits.
  2. Salespeople into high-performance sales team – Many sales organizations have their salespeople competing against each other, or they have a sales-neutral environment. Transform your salespeople and have them operate in an authentic “sales team construct” and watch sales wins double and triple.
  3. Sales organization into scalable-sales model – Most sales organizations are just a bunch of hired guns looking for the next prospect to shoot off a proposal. Put them in the right model and watch their production soar. Four examples of sales models were mentioned in our recent Knowledge Letter.
  4. Marketing efforts and activities into a marketing system – Want scalability, repeatability, sustainability, and real production for the least amount of effort? Then make sure everything operates as a proven, designed system.
  5. Marketing and sales functions into a demand-creation and demand-conversion strategic system – Just because your teams execute a lot of marketing or sales activities does not mean you will have more or better clients.
  6. Management into leadership – 87% of the leaders who have gone through our assessments have categorized themselves as managers,  not leaders. That means they are operating at their lowest level of value.
  7. Process steps into sales and revenue production – 2/3rds of sales (and marketing) are activities that never turn into anything – except waste. You must transform your sales efforts into production; then, the results will come.
  8. Relationships into revenue – Whom do you know that can help you grow? What is your transformation process – phases, steps, and accelerating actions?
  9. Contacts into contracts – Speed up for revenue. How fast can you turn a contact into a new contract or client?  What is your cycle time? How can you cut that by 50%?
  10. Salespeople into business problem solvers who produce three to five times more sales results – No one wants more salespeople, but companies keep hiring them every day. This is a better approach.

Big transformation mistake leaders make 

Too many leaders believe they are transforming their business. They’re not. Here’s a quick test… What area are you transforming? Ask your employees what transformation initiatives are taking place and how they will know when the transformation is complete. Did they answer correctly?  


Transforming your business is not a choice. If you don’t transform your business, your competitors, buyers, and the marketplace will find more and more reasons to neutralize your efforts. Don’t be reactive to change but become proactive to success. 

What I have just shared with you is how we have helped thousands of small- and medium-size businesses (not counting our multi-billion dollar clients) generate over $1B in new sales, revenues, and profits. Please contact us if you want help transforming your business into making a fortune in sales, revenue, and profits using your existing resources. 

Author Background

  Kent Billingsley – the Revenue Growth Architect® – is an international keynote speaker, business transformation expert, and recognized authority on scaling sales and revenue acceleration. He has delivered over 10,000 hours of Revenue Growth® content and sessions to thousands of CEOs and business owners in over 36 countries.

Company Overview

The Revenue Growth® Company (TRGC), LLC is a firm based in the Dallas, Texas area and helps companies transform their enterprise into a strategic system for profit and revenue growth. Their proven value proposition is helping companies generate scalable amounts of sales, profit, and revenues without adding headcount, increasing costs, or working more hours. CEOs and companies in their programs have generated over $1 billion in new sales, revenue, and profits.  

TRGC works with start-ups, medium size, and large corporations by delivering Revenue Growth®, RAMP®, P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Selling®, 3X Sales Transformation®, and Monetizing Value® content, workshops, keynote speeches, and high-intensity year-long programs.  

Kent Billingsley
Kent Billingsley
Kent Billingsley is the Founder and President of The Revenue Growth Company® (TRGC), LLC. He started The Revenue Growth Company over 15 years ago to solve the most difficult challenge CEOs and business owners face. Billingsley has over 40 years of experience, delivering over 10,000 hours of CEO workshops and speeches in 36 countries. He has successfully built, tested and validated, the most powerful, scalable, and repeatable way, every business can follow to generate more revenue and profit – while using the fewest resources.

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