If Your Audience Is Thirsty For The Most Powerful And Proven Way To Scale Sales, Grow Revenue And Maximize Profits – Using Existing Resources – Then Billingsley Is Your Speaker
CEOs, leaders, sales and marketing audiences are no longer looking for inspirational and motivational speeches – they now want a speaker who can deliver this value proposition.

Immediately and dramatically improve my business or don’t speak.

Billingsley is an award-winning international keynote speaker.  He has delivered speeches, workshops and content in over 36 countries on four continents for over 25 years.

Every topic Billingsley speaks on delivers this proven value proposition – MORE FROM LESS – more sales, more revenue, more profit – for less money, less stress, fewer headaches for the business and employees.

His speeches have been described as extremely content rich – “all protein no carbs” from CEOs and executives around the world.   He doesn’t juggle, do magic, or rattle off jokes – he just tells the raw story – the strategic nuts and bolts - of what it really takes to transform businesses to their highest levels of sustainable sales, revenue and profit production.

I’m not sure I can sit through another one of Kent’s speeches. By the end of the hour, my hand hurt so bad taking so many notes.”

Vince Poscente, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and Hall of Fame Speaker