TRGC was founded and has been successfully growing for over fifteen years by solving the most challenging problem facing CEOs, business owners, leaders and salespeople.

How to dramatically grow sales, revenue and profits without spending more time, money and resources doing it.

Every business leader is being told they have to spend more to make more – hire more salespeople, spend more on marketing, invest more in SEO, bring in more management, work more opportunities, spend more to make the product better, or invest more in a customer experience. The mantra is, “to get more you have to spend more”.

That thinking is flawed. Unless you want a bigger less profitable business. In most cases, spending more to get more, means more headaches, more people issues, more client challenges, more costs, more of everything and less of what you want and need most – profit and cash flow.

Kent BillingsleyDon’t fall into the trap of spend more to get more. Take a different and better approach. Allow us to show you and implement the principles of “make more from less”. Discover how to better use the concepts of leverage, scalability, systems thinking.

We have spent over two decades showing CEOs – from start-ups to large corporates how to grow a bigger, better more profitable business. Many of our client CEOs, leaders and employees have become millionaires from the new value of their companies and their companies have sold for multiples much higher than expected.

RESULTS: Our clients in dozens of countries, in all types of companies, while in our programs have sold their largest contracts ever (sometimes by a factor of 10), won awards for fastest growing company, been recognized for “best places to work”, and eliminated almost all unplanned turnover.

We have helped hundreds of small and medium-size companies generate over $1B in new revenue and profits.

Don’t hire another salesperson, invest more in marketing, or spend more on technology or anything else to grow your business until you have short conversation with us.