Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the revenue growth® company (TRGC)?
TRGC was started to help CEOs and business leaders answer and solve their most challenging problem. How to generated more scalable sales, revenue and profits while using the fewest resources doing it. We have delivered over 10,000 hours of proprietary and proven business transformation content in 36 countries helping thousands of CEOs and business leaders be more successful. Many of our clients have achieved “Fastest Growing Company” and “Best Places To Work” while in our programs.
2What does your company do?
TRGC specializes in helping CEOs, business owners, marketing and salespeople optimize their performance results – scales sales, accelerate revenue, and generate more profits while using the fewest amount of time, money and resources doing it. We have helped all types and sizes of companies make more with less.
3Why should I care?
Working with thousands of clients, there is a 99% chance your company offers great products and services, however your business is no where near generating all the sales, revenue and profits it could and should from your great products and services. The reason for this performance gap is companies by their nature are “designed to make, delver and support products and service – but not designed to optimize sales and revenue growth”. That means that no matter how much time, money or employees you throw at growing more sales and revenues you will only achieve some level of incremental success – but never come close to optimizing performance and sales and revenue production. The reason for sub-optimization is because leaders have the wrong philosophy – they follow a “More from more” or to get more you have to spend more philosophy. That’s a flawed and profit shredding approach.
4What makes your company different?
Client Results. Typical consulting projects fail to deliver about 90% of the time and there is no case study of any form of training achieving optimization (since it focuses on the people who are only 1/9 of the optimization equation) we have a 100% client success rate. Every client attending a workshop to our high intensity programs has immediately generated more sales, revenues and or profits. How can we make such a powerful claim? Because even in the first meeting we are able to show many (sometimes dozens) of things or activities to stop which are eating profits.
5Are You Guys Consultants or Trainers?
No, we’re more than that limited model or incremental approach. We are “Revenue Growth® Architects” and business transformation experts – we redesign any and all parts of accompany to achieve optimized results. We don’t focus on how to spend more to make more but how to do less to grow profitable revenue faster.
6What are the biggest differences between your approach and consultants and COACHES?
One of the biggest differences between our model and consulting is we share our intellectual property – we give our clients the templates, tools, methods, and formulas for them to use forever. We “teach you how to fish” where consultants want you to keep coming back to them to do the work. The difference between TRGC and coaches and trainers is we focus on the system and all parts. We take a holistic, integrated and systemic approach, where coaching and training is focused on making people smarter or better – coaching and training can never achieve revenue growth optimization because people are almost never the most broken part of the system.
7Is your business model to help companies grow their businesses?
No, our focus is radically different where we help CEOs and leaders scale sales, revenue and profits. Our focus is helping you grow a better business – not just a bigger business. Most solutions and interventions focus on a bigger business by adding more things that don’t necessarily produce profitable growth – more clients, more contracts, more employees, more transactions, etc. We focus on more from less – that creates scalable growth that is embarrassingly profitable.
8Are you a marketing, advertising or PR firm providing outsourcing services?
No, by design, we don’t provide any of the “executables”, but we do have partnerships with PR, advertising, lead gen, fractional executive companies who will do the work. We are architects. We provide the best design of every element of your business to transform it toward optimization. The reason that companies and outsources aren’t successful – achieving sales, revenue and profit optimization – is poor or weak business design.
9Who is your typical client – big or small companies? -
Our best client – who has the fastest and greatest results - has nothing to do with the size, type or industry of the firm. Our best client is competitive, driven, ethical, compassionate and above all “thirsty learner”. They understand business change is hard and business transformation is impossible on their own. They welcome proven expertise and leave their egos and attitudes at their desk. They are smart enough to know what they know and are willing to stop doing things the same old way. They are also willing to invest in transforming their business and they aren’t cheap in their approach.
Read through our website and see if you agree with the goals – scaling sales, accelerating revenue, and producing more profits using fewer resources. If those are your goals do you agree with our core philosophies – profitable sustainable scalable revenue growth comes from a system – not just from people. Are you interested in knowing the perfect system for your business and how to get there while investing the smallest amount of time and budget doing it? If you answered all of those above hit the “scheduled a call button”. Or email us at [email protected]. We will take it from there and look forward to talking to you.